M927G serial coil winders are highly specialized and come in several types including magnetic coil, oscillator coil, relay coil, synchronic motor coil, telephone coil and fluorescent lamp ballast coil, etc. Having a high running speed, performance can reach to 7000 R.P.M for efficient production.M927G is a microprocessor designed for handling program settings for the constant control of wire being guided over by the traverse shaft stepper motor. Operates at high and with superb precision. Input starting parameters are easily set and can be displayed on a control panel.M927G uses ceramic rolls to prevent high temperature buildup and to protect enameled wire. Its high production rating comes from nine winding parameters with 5 options that can be independently assigned for each step. Long sequences of commands covering more than one year can be stored in its memory.
This cleaning naphtha is used in the mold cleaning process to remove grease, machine components cleaning, degreasing leather and as a thinner for adhesives, print inks, paints, etc.Sp.Gr. at 15 ℃ / 15 ℃ : 0.669 ~ 0.702Doctor test. : NegativeCorrosion, copper strip, max. : No.1Distillation range, ℃ : I.B.P. 60 min, Dry point. 107 max.Color, saybolt : + 25 minPacking : 20 liter / drum
Demattia flex cracking testing machine
This machine is designed according to ASTM D430、JIS-K6301.The function is to test the flex endurance of material like rubber products, sole, PU, etc. According to the expand-cracking size of specimen to evaluate the flex-endurance of the material.